Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.

Shira Tamir

 Autumn is here and ready to spice up our lives

with the richness of her jewels of

golds, rusts, and cinnamon

Debbie Smith


Inspiring Nature

It’s an amazing time of the year to kick start some inspiration into your life as well as your child’s. Lots of changes are occurring in nature and our beautiful world Downunder. In Australia, the southern hemisphere, Autumn holds court during the months of March, April and May.


At this time of the year, the sun beams its rays, filtered through the branches and leaves of the weeping tea trees that line the street that leads to our home and garage art studio at StoryBox Arts. Its spectacular radiant light spears through the shadows and displays a visual image that I can only equate in its appearance like the feeling of the softest feather down.

Can you do that? Can the eye see what something feels like?

It’s the only way I can express how I feel about this phenomena. Like magic, it captures my heart and I look forward to seeing its remarkable natural artwork every time I drive to my home in the mid afternoon, the time when it is at its most spectacular. My camera does not do it  justice as real life certainly can. The light show that takes place every sunny afternoon is one of my absolute favourite things, along with watching a super moon rise up over the ocean.

The filtered sunlight at this time of year inspires me, it touches me and makes me think of how something in the natural, physical world makes me feel. Is there something that causes you each year, or everytime you see it, to pause and give thought, give thanks?

The softness of the light through the trees lasts deep into the late afternoon and becomes more intense at the setting of the sun. StoryBox Arts is situated on 2.5 acres and the sun plays out its spectacular display in the back section of our property. We back onto one-hundred acres of natural bushland and we have a stand of eucaltypts and other native trees on our property that the sun dazzles and plays through each sunny afternoon. The colours are rich, yet mellow in the way they filter and mix with the atmosphere.  Sometimes I spend time just sitting quietly immersed in the splendour. I use this time to reflect and dream.  I also use this space to feel grateful

Nature has this amazing way of giving … and giving … and giving. It is important to feel gratitude and to remember all the ways nature works to keep us healthy and inspired.

Do you have a special space where you find the ultimate place to reflect and/or dream?

Your Art - Your Story

Perspectives of Autumn

When we think of autumn, one of our first ‘go-to-defaults’ is to think of the colours that the leaves produce. This is a great starting place for youngsters. It is a super tangible way children can learn and make connections between nature, seasons, art and many other subject areas. Spending time with nature can help children reflect and learn to become mindful about the ways nature continues to give blessings to us. The changing colours teach children about seasons and helps them to learn to make connections and associations.

When you think of autumn, what associations and connections did you make as a child and have your associations changed or adapted as an adult? 

Where we live can give us different perspectives. If you live in an apartment, in a concrete jungle, you may only see a limited display of autumn, compared to if you lived in a more plentiful and natural environment. Have you lived in a variety of situations that gave you a different perspective of autumn? Obviously, if you do live in an apartment, there are a multitude of ways to investigate autumn, because all cities have parks, or you can head out on a day trip or short holiday to the bush or forests and see first hand the wonderful spicy colours of autumn.

Both photos above were taken at Lockes Lane, Belli Park. The two ancient and impressive figs in the background capture the filtered autumn sunlight brilliantly. The sunsets out here are stunning almost every day of the year.

Autumn Haiku

Autumn Leaf

Author ~ unknown

Your Art - Your Story

At StoryBox Arts …

We take time to stroll, we take time to sit and listen, we take time to observe. We practice mindfulness to help us come to a place of inspiration. We take nature’s art seriously and yet, we play, explore and experiment with it, drawing on all our senses to help us create. Below are some photos that were taken of earlier workshops where the children enjoyed the outdoors and sketched ideas, did rubbings of a variety of textures they found on their nature walk. All of the children were completely satisfied. In fact, so inspired were they, it was hard to stop work/play when it was time to go home. I am hoping these children connected enough during their time at StoryBox Arts to continue exploring nature from their own gardens or the next time they venture into the surrounding district’s forests and beaches. All are great environments to be inspired.

At StoryBox Arts stories are told through art and words.





Debbie Smith is a local Sunshine Coast children’s author based in Noosa. She is a creative coach at STORYBOX ARTS, an educator, blogger and a book reviewer who released her debut picture book, If You Meet an Elephant, in August 2019. She is currently working on a new picture book manuscript, a children’s short story collection, a middle-grade horse series and she writes the odd poem or two. Debbie enjoys hosting art workshops for children through STORYBOX ARTS. Her lifelong career as an early childhood and primary extension specialist teacher allowed her to share her passion for children’s literature and gave insight into the world of children.

Debbie is available for school visits, homeschool visits, bookshop events, writing events. Please use the CONTACT FORM to enquire. Debbie would love to hear from you.