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Debbie’s Review

Let’s face it, when it comes to mums, most of us think our mum is the best, better than all the rest. If you feel like this about your mum, then Jess Racklyeft’s recently released picture book will capture your heart.

It is a heart-warming tribute to all mothers out there in the big, wide world who, on a daily basis, demonstrate their love and devotion for their children in big ways, small ways and sometimes unique ways. Even though many may work, as well as take care of the family, mums never cease to come up with creative ways to entertain, soothe, teach, and simply ‘be there’ for their children. If blessed with children, being a mother is one of the most valuable roles a person can have and the most rewarding, even though at times, it can sometimes be challenging. But, where would we be without them?

Author/Illustrator: Jess Racklyeft

Publisher: Affirm Press

Publication Date: 26 March 2019

Category: Picture Book

Hardback: 24 pages

RRP: $19.99

ISBN: 9781925712902

Jess combines her artistic talents of writing and illustrating to share her love story to mums in rhyme. The only way to discover the true magic of rhyme is to read it out loud, which is the way every picture book should be read. Rhyme is lyrical and children enjoy hearing stories and poetry that is well written. If the rhythm is true and the beat just right, stories tend to stick in your mind. If the words roll off the tongue naturally, you’re on a winner.

Jess’ whimsical watercolour illustrations are beautiful and happy; children will find delight exploring and discovering lots of interesting gems on most pages of this book. Using whimsy animal characters throughout, the illustrations invite a discussion between reader and listener. This book is a springboard for many ideas showcasing all the different ways mums help take care of us and importantly how they can differ too. Jess even managed to sneak a special illustration on one particular page; a reference to illustrator Briony Stewart, and author Emma Middleton’s book, Lion in the Living Room, also by Affirm Press. I recommend this book to anyone who has a mother, grandmother, or would simply love to share word-pictures and illustrations with their youngsters.

Please note:

In exchange for an honest review, I was sent a complimentary copy of the book, ‘There’s Only One Mum Like You’, by Jess Racklyeft from the publisher, Affirm Press